Are you a company that is looking for ways to improve the way that you use your data to transform and monitor your business?

Would you like to combine the many sources of data that you have within your company with the mass of data that is available externally to produce insightful Business Intelligence reports on dashboards that can be viewed on any device, whether you are “in the office” or “on the road”?

Do you want to achieve this using software that produces insightful business reports, has the added advantage of being able to transform and migrate data using it’s in-built ETL functionality and can be supported internally by your own resources?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then you may have come to the right place! I’m an IT professional who has spent many years working for companies around the world in all areas of IT, from programming to database administration to Project/Program/Senior Management.

How does my having this experience help you?

Well ….. data has always been the thing that motivates me the most and it is data that has played an important role throughout the years that I have worked in the Insurance, Food, Automotive and Financial Services sectors.

Most recently I have spent a lot of time inspecting, converting, cleansing, transforming, migrating, reconciling and modelling data.

Businesses are now having to focus more on using their data, and the insights that it can provide, to maintain their competitive advantage.  Recognising this I have recently focussed on the Business Intelligence tools from Microsoft (Power BI) and am now very familiar with the software and the very powerful “M” and “DAX” languages that they use.


Want to hear more?

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